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Patent Information

2471872                 Original two-piece                                UK                         GRANTED

CN103930003A     Modified two-piece                               CHINA                   GRANTED

2768354                 Modified two-piece                               FRANCE               GRANTED

2768354                 Modified two-piece                               GERMANY            GRANTED

2495783                 Modified two-piece                               UK                         GRANTED

9204745                 Modified two-piece                               USA                       GRANTED

2849614                 Foldable cup holder                              EUROPE               PENDING

2502147                 Foldable cup holder                              UK                         GRANTED

9259112                 Foldable cup holder                              USA                       GRANTED

1406978.5             Continuous strip foldable cup holders   UK                          PENDING

15718992.9           Strip foldable cup holders                      EUROPE               PENDING

15/303,681            Continuous strip foldable cup holders   USA                       PENDING

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