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Handle-it is a simple but extremely useful takeout cup holder


Handle-it can be used for tea, coffee, soup, milkshake, beer, frozen yoghurt, popcorn...even noodles!

It is available in three different variables...disposable, disposable with sleeve, and re-usable.


For coffee lovers, festival goers, and anyone who likes to pick up food & drink on the go...

The reusable Handle-it is perfect to keep in your handbag/briefcase/backpack, ready to make it easy for you to

pick up your favourite food and/or drink. 

For cafes & event/catering managers...

The disposable Handle-it is an ideal alternative to the standard pulp tray.  Handle-it is 100% recyclable, biodegradable

and takes up much less space and therefore has a much lesser impact on the environment in terms of

transportation, storage, and waste. Handle-it is also perfect for branding/marketing.




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