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Frequently asked questions

What can I use my Handle-it for?

Handle-it can be used for tea, coffee, soup, milkshake, beer, frozen yoghurt, popcorn...even noodles!


What is Handle-it made of?

Our re-usable Handle-it is made of polypropylene and our disposable Handle-it is made of durable card.


Is the re-usable Handle-it really re-usable?

Yes, our re-usable Handle-it is re-usable again and again and again...


Is Handle-it recyclable?

Yes, both our re-usable and disposable Handle-it are 100% recyclable.


Can it be branded?

Yes, Handle-it is fully customizable on both inside and out if required!


Is it available in different sizes?

Yes, Handle-it can be made in any size, shape subject to a minimum order quantity.


Do you keep Handle-it in stock?

Yes, we keep a number of different designs in stock ready for next day delivery (subject to ordering by 12noon)


How Handle-it does it work?

See below!


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